Oppo Watch 4 Pro and Watch SE Launched Starting At $140

Oppo just launched its newest foldable, the Find N3 Flip, but other noteworthy goods were also introduced at the presentation. Advanced sensors are included in the new Oppo Watch 4 Pro, and there is also a reasonably priced Oppo Watch SE.

OPO Watch 4 Pro

While incorporating improvements both internally and externally, the Oppo Watch 4 Pro keeps a design similar to that of its predecessor, the 3 Pro. In contrast to its former aluminum construction, the watch’s exterior case is now made of stainless steel. Although it comes with a small weight increase (52.3g compared to the previous 37.5g), this modification is expected to boost its durability.

The crown’s knurled texture contrasts appealingly with the stainless steel casing’s brushed finish. Additionally, ceramic is used on the watch’s backside because of its durability and capacity to avoid any potential skin reactions.

With the same 1.91″ LTPO AMOLED screen as previously, the display keeps its softly curved shape. 378 x 396 pixels (326 ppi) is the resolution that is consistently used.

The Watch 4 Pro comes in two separate colors: Polar Night Black and Dawn Brown. Polar Night Black has a black body with a fluoro-rubber band, and Dawn Brown has a champagne-toned body with a brown leather strap.

The heart of the watch is a sophisticated sensor suite that can monitor seven crucial vital signs to conduct a thorough 60-second assessment. This comprises ECG data, heart rate monitoring, determining the blood vessel age, sleep analysis, and stress levels. It may assess variables like blood vessel elasticity, spot arterial fibrillation, pick up snoring, and more within the range of measurements.

This model features real-time blood sugar monitoring, complete with a warning system for abnormal value changes. The watch also has a skin temperature sensor, which is renowned for its exceptional accuracy of up to 0.1°C.

Similar to its predecessor, this watch runs on the Snapdragon W5+ chipset, which is enhanced by the BES 2700 chip to ensure effective low-power performance. Oppo increased the RAM to 2 GB this year while keeping the storage at 32 GB.

The device is powered by a 570 mAh battery, which is somewhat bigger than the one from the previous version and provides up to 5 days of use or roughly 2.5 days when used heavily. This period can be extended to a few weeks by turning on the Light mode. Notably, the presence of rapid charging means that a simple 10-minute charge can give a full day’s usage, while a full charge takes just over an hour.

The watch is compatible with essential positioning satellites for thorough workout tracking. The watch’s design also features a 5 ATM water resistance certification, allowing for use in aquatic environments like the pool.

The Polar Night Black version, which comes in two variations, is available for $315, while the Dawn Brown model, which has twin straps, is somewhat more expensive at $345.

OPO Watch SE

The Oppo Watch SE serves as a cheap option to the Pro model, especially for people who don’t need cutting-edge sensors or a stainless steel body. This is in contrast to the advanced features and relatively higher price point of the Pro model.

The SE version has a flat 1.75″ AMOLED display with a 372 × 430 pixel resolution and a pixel density of 326ppi. It is made of a composite material.

The Snapdragon Wear 4100 chipset, which is older (12nm vs. 4nm) than the W5+, provides its power. This time, the Wear 4100 comes with 8 GB of storage space and 1 GB of RAM.

With a battery capacity of 400 mAh, this watch is remarkably lightweight at 31g. According to projections, this arrangement will last about 3 days (up to 10 days in Light mode). The presence of rapid charging ensures a full day’s worth of battery life with only a 10-minute charge, with a full recharge taking about an hour. This is similar to its Pro version.

The Oppo Watch SE is vigilant in its continuous heart rate monitoring and alerts you to any unusual heart rhythms despite lacking some of the more sophisticated sensors. Additionally, it expands on its powers by monitoring blood-oxygen levels to assess the quality of your sleep. Additionally, this watch has a 5 ATM certification, making it safe to use when swimming.

The starting cost of the Oppo Watch SE is $140. This price is valid for the Purple and Gray variations, which both come with silicone straps. There is a little higher price of $151 for those who want the Dark Brown model with a leather band.

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