Navigating the Anywhere-Workforce: Surfing the Waves of Change

What is Modern Workforce Transformation?

Particularly with the growth of cloud computing, virtualization, and mobile devices, the effect of technology has been shaking enterprises like a soda can in recent years.

The COVID-19 pandemic added fuel to the flames, driving this transition to remote work and resulting in a modern workforce transformation that improves competitiveness, innovation readiness, environmental sustainability, and employee satisfaction.

Organizations must get ready for a new generation of workers who demand a seamless onboarding experience, simple collaboration, and cutting-edge communication technologies that are as cool as a cucumber.

For many workers, remote work is becoming a requirement, and businesses are using technology more and more to enable this change.

Why is it important?

Wow, what a revolution! The modern workforce has evolved into a work-from-anywhere concept. By 2020, a staggering 89% of businesses allowed their workers to work remotely, and the amount of remote work had surged by 140%.

80% of employees now work remotely or in a hybrid environment, according to a Gallup survey. According to an AT&T study, this hybrid work paradigm will increase from 42% in 2021 to an astounding 81% in 2024!

However, managing individuals and devices becomes essential with all this remote work. Just take it from a Pakistani healthcare client who was affected by stealthy ransomware in 2018 as a result of some unpatched Windows devices. Numerous endpoint devices containing crucial and private patient details were locked by the hackers. Whoopsie! It seems like they may have benefited from better endpoint management and controls. And in 2022, the hackers successfully tapped powerful with ransomware.

Benefits of Workforce Transformation

Organizations that use technology gain from greater innovation, agility, flexibility, and security. Device enrollment is now more effective, lowering the possibility of data breaches and guaranteeing the security of critical data.

Employees may access necessary resources from any location, on any device, thanks to virtualized apps and administration. Employee communication and collaboration are greatly facilitated by the use of video conferencing systems. Additionally, IT support has benefited from the integration of management technologies that have enabled secure user and device management, employed zero-trust, and enabled hybrid work to be successful.

What are the principles of Workforce Transformation?

Three major categories can be found among the workforce transformation principles:

  • Immediate reaction,
  • Adaptation to new technologies and data
  • The process of transformation is accelerated.

How can Wateen Solution help?

Customers are empowered by Wateen Solutions’ unified endpoint management platform for a smooth transition to the Modern Workspace. With a committed staff, we specialize in offering thorough Enterprise Software and Security Solutions and work closely with our customers during their transformation.­­

We now work in a completely new way thanks to the modern workforce transformation. Technology has simplified work, making it possible to work remotely, and assisted IT in securely managing users and devices. An atmosphere at work that is more adaptable and secure is being facilitated by virtualization, mobile technology, and video conferencing technologies.

Regardless of the size and function of the business, there is an improvement in organizational responsiveness to employee requirements, which will result in future gains in productivity, efficiency, and effectiveness. Instead of waiting for the “goat rope” moment, let Wateen assist you in changing.



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